Trance State | E18


متوفر في المخزون

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The Institute of Global Studies in Zurich seems like the kind of philanthropic organisation any idealistic young scientist would want to work for. But when Lew McBride gets involved with them, his life takes a horrific turn… Adrienne Cope’s sister Nikki has just died in mysterious circumstances and the police suspect suicide. The only clues are locked away in the files of Nikki’s psychiatrist, Jeff Duran. But when Adrienne begins to investigate, she discovers that Jeff Duran died years before and there is no official record of a psychiatrist by this name… What are the powerful secrets that link Lew McBride, Adrienne Cope, Jeff Duran and the Institute? What is it that takes Adrienne and Jeff on a terrifying chase across the United States and Europe with violent killers on their trail? And why should the CIA be interested?