The Narcissist’s Daughter | E12


غير متوفر في المخزون

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An ambitious working-class young man and pre-med student, Syd Redding passes the stultifying hours in Ethics class fantasizing about the destruction of the Kesslers, his boss’s well-to-do family, a threesome ‘moneyed and beautiful and installed high in the city’s society.’ As he steps onto the doorstep of their great, grand mansion in the estate section of town, Syd has no detailed plan in mind, only vague, delicious dreams of vengeance. But when he meets the boss’s daughter, he soon finds himself caught in the sexual machinations of this magnetic family on the brink of unraveling. In the fifth novel from a veritable master of the craft, what begins as a simple if risky affair leads from obsession through rage to a revenge plot that will transform the lives of everyone involved. The Narcissist’s Daughter is an unforgettably intelligent and moody thriller.