Tea for two and a piece of cake | E4


متوفر في المخزون

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The story is about a girl, Nisha who leads a simple life, nothing perfect in it. She’s single, plump and plain looking. All that changes when her name is pulled out of a draw to go to an important function. There, she meets, and falls in love with Samir Sharma, who is a senior partner at another firm. The chance meeting doesn’t go that well on one count, as she ends up losing her job. But other things do go her way. Her luck changes and she’s invited by Samir to on an even more important tour. After her return, her personal life gets an even harder hit. Samir comes to the rescue again. They get married, and she thinks their life is going happily. Their lives are blessed with two children, a daughter first and then a son. Nisha becomes a devoted mother.

After eight years of married life, she one day finds a letter from Samir saying it isn’t working out. He offers to give her the money to take care of the children. Overnight, she has to make changes in her life. She moves out of her house, finds a new place to stay. She finds support in her old friend Akash who tries to help her out. Akash helps her to start a new career, and her new neighbor, a lovely lady Mrs. B also gives that career a push. Is that enough to help her rebuild her life and her status in society?