Meet the Stars of Dawson’s Creek | E2


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Meet The States of Dawson’s Creek delivers the goods on the show itself, and its four young stars, individual bios, backstage and behind the scenes secrets, packaged with a full color 16-page photo insert, make up the first complete Dawson’s Creek bio-package to hit the stores.James Van Der Beek plays Dawson, the nascent filmmaker, the blond, blue-eyed dreamer with the dreamy looks. His prior credits include the movie, Angus.

Katie Holmes is Joey, Dawson’s best friend who just so happens to be a girl; our girl, for Joey’s heart-wrenching insecurities are crushingly relatable. Katie was last seen in the movie, The Ice Storm. Her upcoming flick is this summer’s teen slasher, Disturbing Behavior.

Josh Jackson is Dawon’s cut-up friend, Facey, the kid who’s destined not to get anywhere in life — or is he? Josh is best known to young viewers as the star of the three Mighty Ducks movies.

Michelle Williams is ‘mystery girl, ‘ Jen, the new arrival in Capeside, Dawson’s deepest crush. Michelle was in the movie, Species.