Mary Poppins | E13


متوفر في المخزون

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Mary Poppins has come to be known as the world’s most-beloved nanny. She and her talking umbrella which helps her fly, is a well-known image among children who have watched the Disney classic. But the Mary Poppins in the books, from which the movie has been adapted, is a strict but fair nanny for the children in the Banks family. Mary Poppins (Essential Modern Classics) is the classic tale of the original novel.

The Banks family advertises for a nanny to help take care of their children. Mary Poppins arrives with her talking umbrella, promising adventure and extraordinary events in the future. Michael and Jane are the lucky children who soon find themselves in a funfair under a pavement theatre and in other unbelievable outings such as a tea party on the ceiling with Mr Wigg.

The book is a series of short tales where Mary Poppins teaches the children facts of life in wonderful and magical ways. When it is time for her to leave and the wind changes, the children are left devastated. But a touch of magic she brought to their family would stay with them forever.