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Charles Jhon Huffam Dickens was born in Portsmouth in 1812. His father was the son of a butler and a housekeeper and worked as a clerk in the Navy Pay Office. The family moved to London when Dickens was three and to Chatham in Kent two years later.

In 1822 Dickens’s father was transferred to London and slid seriously into debt. Dickens did not go back to school and at age twelve set to work in a blacking factory spending ten hours a day sticking labels on pots of boot blacking. Dickens went to school for two years. At fifteen he started work as a lawyer’s clerk. He became a Parliamentary reporter, and gradually won success first as a journalist and later as a novelist.

From around 1840 to his death in 1870 Dickens was the most famous and popular writer in the world. He lived a prosperous middle-class life, mainly in London, and knew most of the intelligentsia of the time.